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Leigh Silkunas

Before it was a name-branded thing to do, young Leigh and her parents spent summers in others’ homes around the globe. Worldly travels and otherworldly hospitality galvanized Leigh’s appreciation for both — and, her bravery. She once moved from NYC to San Francisco without knowing a Cali soul. Today, she maps seamless online experiences for our guests, hosts dinner parties, reads feverishly, and still leaps at every opportunity for adventure, big or small.

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Philip Harris

A Manchester, England native, Philip is proudly a dual citizen who deems the hospitality industry synonymous with the American Dream. He found his way into counsel by first learning to observe, listen, and always keep people at the center of legal decisions. When he’s not looking out for us, he hikes with his wife, dog and a watchful eye on the scenery, seeking evidence of beauty to capture with his camera lens.  

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