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Philip Harris

A Manchester, England native, Philip is proudly a dual citizen who deems the hospitality industry synonymous with the American Dream. He found his way into counsel by first learning to observe, listen, and always keep people at the center of legal decisions. When he’s not looking out for us, he hikes with his wife, dog and a watchful eye on the scenery, seeking evidence of beauty to capture with his camera lens.  

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Chris Powers

Chris has loved computers since he was young. A father now himself, and a California-born, Hawaii-raised appreciator of French hospitality and culture, he also loves connecting with people. At Makeready, Chris wires up everything we need to keep our teams humming and to give our guests the best Wi-Fi possible. At home, he unplugs with family barbecues, music and his guitar—or by watching the Kansas City Chiefs do what they do best.  

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