William Bullens


Key Experience:

  • Director of Sales
    Thompson Nashville

  • Assistant Director of Sales
    Thompson Nashville

  • Sales Manager
    The Hutton Hotel

Maybe it’s his Southern roots, or his abiding love of people. Either way, William is big on relationships. Being one of ten siblings, both biological and adopted, and all of whom he loves dearly, could have something to do with it, too.

Just as his adopted family raised and cared for William as their own, William’s hospitality career began with his opening doors for others. As doorman, he greeted guests at one of Nashville, Tennessee’s most well known, highly-rated properties, The Hermitage Hotel. Before long, he hopped over to operations, eventually finding sales as his sweet spot. A spot where he could greet people long before they ever stepped foot on the property, tailoring each experience to a T, right from the start.

William’s many guest services roles were a perfect unplanned route for gaining the perspective that found him, at one point, as the sole liaison for all VIP and political hotel guests. Between that and booking everyone from hockey teams to A-list celebs, personally seeing to it that every stay was above and beyond, you could say William knows a thing or two about exceptional service.

“Honesty is always the best policy. People can handle the truth if you simply tell them and face whatever comes next, head-on. Integrity is of the utmost importance. It leads to trust, which leads to long-lasting relationships.”

While doing his job incredibly well is important to William, so much so that he’s been named the top entertainment salesperson in Eastern North America for three consecutive years, work is far from his primary source of joy. His friends, family, and fiancé Patrick — preferably all gathered around a pool for the afternoon —  bring William pure happiness. The same happiness he then passes along by truly listening, then delivering next-to-none guest experiences.

“Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t let work consume you. Make time for family, friends and for the joys that make you happy. If we don’t do this, we can lose sight of why we come to work every day.”

Beyond his circle of close friends and family, William is constantly making new connections, new relationships, both inside and outside of Makeready. He knows the secret sauce: In this business, people make the difference. As leader of our global sales efforts, we have a feeling the difference William will make in our world, person by person, will be paramount.