The Brak


The story of Charleston is the story of rivers—the Cooper and the Ashley. The coming and going at the river ports built this city and in many ways shaped the continent. The city is an intersection of water, road and rail. It’s where captains, conductors, travelers and tradesmen made deals, shared ideas, swapped stories and toasted success. The rivers brought the people together, and that confluence continues to feed Charleston’s culture.

When retreating from the world, life should be taken as it comes, recognizing and appreciating what each moment has to offer. When you walk in our door, feel the breeze of the salty air off the Cooper and release yourself to comfort. Away from the dense bustle of downtown, a more intimate and personal experience awaits—a retreat built on a foundation of graciousness and generosity.


Brackish water is a result of fresh water mixing with salt water. In this case, the mixing of the Cooper River’s freshwater with the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean. The word brackish comes from the Dutch root “brak”. We like the concept of coming together/mixing.


Salt is an element that unifies our story. Salt adds weight to the air, texture to our surfaces, and stimulates our senses.


“Meet me at the end of the world”