Wes Morton


Key Experience:

  • Executive Chef
    Dewberry Hotel, Charleston

  • Executive Culinary Chef
    Denihan Hospitality Group

  • Executive Chef/Partner
    Againn, Washington DC

  • Sous Chef
    Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Comfort food comes in all forms, all rich with flavor. The best recipes are rich with historical and cultural significance, too—maybe even a few family secrets. Crab stew comes to mind when Wes Morton thinks of comfort food and of his own history. And crawfish étouffée, boudin (boo-DAN is a type of sausage), duck and smoked sausage gumbo, cracklings, melt-in-your mouth smothered cabbage and slow-cooked green beans.

Hungry? We know the feeling.

A childhood surrounded by family, by generations of Southern Louisiana’s finest home cooks, rounded Wes’s palette like no other upbringing could have. Cajun country introduced him to a depth of flavor that most of us will never experience so consistently, so authentically. His homework at the time was simply to eat and eat well. Lucky for us, this laidback education stuck.

“Culinary school taught me about a profession. Michel Richard taught me how to be a dedicated cook. Hotels taught me management. But my grandmother’s table is where I learned the most. I learned to appreciate the simple things.”

Most recently, Wes helped open The Dewberry in Charleston, South Carolina as Executive Chef of Henrietta’s, the hotel’s in-house brasserie. As our Director of all things culinary, Wes stirs and forms our entire landscape of cuisine. He seeks out dynamic people to join us and enjoys helping them succeed. Listening to them. Wes understands that the secret to great dining experiences rests in dedicated, craft-driven people just as much as it rests on the food. Sometimes more.

“I want to work with people who are willing to learn and grow with our family. And most importantly, I want them all to have a voice—and help them define what that voice is all about.”

Wes also knows that loving what you do is the most important qualification for any job. And when he’s not working with us, he adores his full-time role as husband and father. Barber shops, pastry shops and soccer for him and his son. Tea parties and dance class with his four-year old daughter. Entertaining the whole family with a trip to the farmer’s market or antique shop. Hosting friends with his wife—and some good wine, bourbon or scotch.

Hospitality comes naturally to Wes. We’re certain his grandmother’s table had a lot to do with that, too. Now, we’re glad he’s seated at ours as part of the growing Makeready family. Cheers to Cajun country for sending a little piece of its history our way.