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Andre Champion

Andre loves learning. In fact, when he finished school, he went back for more. In his spare time? He writes songs, travels, plays chess. Work or play, he sees every project as an opportunity to “keep the mind sharp, or sharpen the mind.” And while keeping our computer system going at its sharpest, he always practices the Golden Rule, viewing every person he meets as someone to encourage, inspire and naturally, to learn from.

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Sheamus Byrne

The network Sheamus cares most about? The people counting on him to keep them connected and happy. When he’s not traveling the globe, exploring new worlds via video game or heading into the woods for his next camping adventure, he’s supporting those around him, seeing to it they get what they need — tech-related or otherwise. When it comes to helping others, his motto is: “You today, me tomorrow.” That’s hospitality at its finest.

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