Rebecca Lockwood

Key Experience:

  • Vice President of Finance
    Consilient Restaurants

  • Managing Director
    The Joule

  • Director of Finance
    The Joule

  • Financial Analyst
     LXR Luxury Resorts

  • Assistant Director of Finance
    Boca Raton Resort & Club


Rebecca is a pioneer. An explorer. And a believer that good hospitality is inherent—that people either have it in them, or not. Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, traveled all over the United States, attended college in England and spent time with family in both the UK and Denmark, we believe she’s beyond qualified to make that call.

“Understanding different people, cultures and ways of doing things can only make us better at our jobs. More understanding. More appreciative.”

No stranger to new perspectives, Rebecca knows exactly where she belongs: Outside. When she’s not applying her analytical mind to the exploration of better, more efficient processes for us, she prefers the screen-free life. And with two toddlers under age five, she’ll take all the play time she can get. Give her a good view or new park to appreciate and the kiddos a good slide to climb up (appreciation for new perspectives runs in the family) and all is right in her world.

Even when she’s inside, Rebecca spends her energy keeping the rest of us out from behind our desks as much as possible. As our financial leader, she knows the more time our Managers can spend magic-making with guests, the better. She makes sure our good face time is never spent poring over spreadsheets. And we dearly love her for that. Did we mention she can spot problems before they’re problems and helps us keep our priorities straight when there are just plain too many of them? She does. And we dearly love her for those things, too.

“Be flexible because life is hard. Be transparent so people always know where they stand. Be kind to each other. These are the only rules I try to work (and live) by.”

Rebecca definitely has good hospitality in her blood. And we’re so thankful she’s chosen to warmly extend her kindness, intelligence and pioneering spirit to the Makeready team. With her on our side, we feel right at home.