Molly Miller


Molly loves design. And dancing.   

Dance, much like design, is at its best when familiar meets freestyle. When repetition meets the unpredictable. When one woman is moved by both old-school hip hop—and Irish music.

That’s Molly.

In an equally fascinating balancing act, she fuses every bit and piece of our projects together, seeing to it that the end result is smooth and seamless. Her passion for bringing culinary concepts to life is galvanized by her appreciation for design fundamentals. It is through the ordinary that a true performer can create something extraordinary, after all. Well, that, and a little elbow grease.


This, her mother’s most memorable colloquialism, paired with her father’s penchant for hard work shaped Molly’s dedication to doing things right. One of six siblings who’s conquered everything from fiddle performances to marathons, Molly understands how to pace herself for success—and keep others in time. She communicates with all perspectives in mind, explaining big ideas and nitty-gritty details with a clarity and zeal that ensures no missteps—on her own part, or anyone else’s. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

In her free time you may catch her wandering, but far from aimlessly. To the newest restaurant in town, a live show, or to get lost on an adventure in someplace less familiar. Whether here or abroad, it’s finding herself in the moment that inspires Molly. Organic shapes, textures and patterns viewed through the simple rhythm of a walk outside are all she needs to feel like her most creative self.  

For us, Molly’s well-calculated moves help steadily guide the feat of every new project. Luckily, there’s nobody more qualified for the job, fancy footwork and all.