Michael Collins


Key Experience:

  • Various Director and Finance Project Positions (16 years)
    Ritz-Carlton and Marriott

  • Director of Finance
    Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

  • Worked in four continents in the hospitality industry


Michael’s done the math: Face-to-face meetings are still the best kind. Even with myriad systems made to keep us all ultra-connected, there’s no substitute for his seeing firsthand how people, places and those systems work together.   

An avid traveler for both his work and personal life, Michael has visited almost every one of the United States, and appreciates every city, every place as its own — as something that cannot be completely duplicated anywhere else. Methods for getting work done are different everywhere too, and Michael approaches each operation as a student, always learning, always gaining new perspective along the way. 

“For me, travel is second nature.”

Simply put, Michael’s job is making sure our people have what they need to do their jobs. A veteran of the hospitality industry, he’s been configuring hotel financial systems and training hotel teams ever since he accepted his first management position years back. 

Today at Makeready, Michael spots opportunities for efficiency, determining the tools that will keep people running smoothly and make their jobs easier. He talks to people about their day-to-day processes, both to teach and to gain insights — insights you won’t find outside of a face-to-face conversation. 

A proud native of Orange County, California, Michael prefers his downtime on the golf course, second only to a tennis court or exploring the deep blue somewhere with a scuba pack on his back. 

“Hospitality has a big influence on my thoughts about people, travel and other interactions in life, not just interactions in hotels and restaurants. We should all explore as much as possible in a lifetime.”

Michael’s proudest achievement is having earned the respect of his family and of his peers. We’re proud he’s part of our family, and in honor of his drink of choice, we’re raising a good bourbon to toast.