Kristie Robertson

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Key Experience:

  • Operations
    You Can Free Us

  • Set & Co
    Shop Girl

  • Stylist
    We are the Beloved

Don’t let her smile or cheerful countenance fool you, Kristie Robertson knows her business.

From early on in her experience at Set & Co., a Dallas retail boutique, she learned the value of the curation process. There she learned to hone the soft skills required of a shopkeeper, to observe, seek, and curate with the utmost care.

But perhaps the best lessons she found at home. Growing up, her bedroom door was only steps away from her father’s office. With an attentive ear, she got daily lessons on business alongside the lessons of life. She learned from his admirable work ethic, and the importance of working hard, but working smart.

Kristie will be the first to tell you that inspiration comes with variety. And it probably won’t surprise you that someone with a curator’s eye and skill set seeks that inspiration in her travels. Whether abroad or just down the street, Kristie is always paying attention. She puts a high value on what she can learn from the materials, cultures, and people surrounding her. Most especially those with a different point of view.

“I love educating myself on things completely opposite of me, whether it’s learning another language or trying different ethnic foods—travel gives me that opportunity to immerse myself in another culture.”

She put that into action spending three summers living in the slums, learning about society abroad, and building relationships with the people there. And while we know part of her heart will always be in India, we’re happy that she puts the rest into everything she does here at Makeready.

But Kristie’s desire to learn doesn’t stop there, it guides her work and her life. Mix this desire for growth with her persistent positivity, and you have a recipe for the kind of work she does every day. She puts mind to each task and her heart into every projects she takes on. From aiding in the design of custom uniforms, curating retail collections, or just encouraging the team, Kristie is who you want in the trenches with you when challenges arise.

“I try to remind myself and the team, that even if all hell is breaking loose you just have to keep your eyes on the prize and never forget how close you are to victory.”

One thing is certain. We’re a whole lot closer having Kristie on our team.