Frank McMahon

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Key Experience:

  • Executive Chef
    Hank’s Seafood and Penninsula Grill

  • Sous Chef
    McCrady’s and Elliot’s on the Square

  • Sous Chef
    Restaurant Milliion

  • Sous Chef
    Le Bernardin

Work hard. Stay humble. That is Frank in four words. Since the principle of simplicity has inspired his life’s work as a chef, we couldn’t help but try and boil down exactly what makes Frank so good at what he does. Dedication. Humility. And, a lot of practice.

If you were to taste any morsel made by Frank’s hand, his experience would require no explanation. And while life as an Executive Chef has taken him around the country, it’s not the time spent leading in coveted kitchens like Le Bernardin in New York City, Opus in Santa Monica, or Hank’s Seafood in Charleston, that defines Frank.

It’s the rugby he played as a teenager, followed by stints helping at his parents’ restaurant in Ireland. There, it was ingrained into him to always do things right the first time—and to do them with passion, a good attitude and a sense of urgency.

“I grew up in the restaurant business. Both parents and a brother of mine are chefs. My father was a perfectionist. He had zero tolerance for half measures or laziness. I was given a very solid understanding of great service—it’s the bricks and mortar of who I am today. ”

It’s Frank’s insistence that two of his restaurants being named to Esquire’s America’s Best New Restaurants list, chairing the Charleston Food & Wine festival, taking home a Chef of the Year award, and being featured twice on the Today Show aren’t his greatest accomplishments, but that his family—his wife and two children—are.

It’s his understanding of people. Of the front of the house and how much the experience matters—and how that’s inspired by and connected to the back of the house. This gives Frank a full view of the big picture that must be constantly, clearly envisioned when developing any menu, and while growing any culinary concept.

“My goal is always to work with management and with our staff to help us tweak and improve daily. To never rest on our laurels.”

It’s the fact that he knows how to relax. On a rare day off, Frank’s activity of choice includes cold beer and good music enjoyed by the water—far away from the kitchen.

Work hard. Stay humble. This four-word recipe is one we’re proud to have feeding our culinary endeavors, and inspiring us through its simplicity every single day.

We only have two words to add: More, please.