Christine Visneau


At age 10, Christine found her creative soul in Greenwich Village. Growing up near New York City, Washington Square Park and Bleecker Bob’s Record Shop became hideaways she’d sneak to as often as possible, absorbing the street style, visually cataloguing ideas she could make her own. The cool, creative energy was magnetic.

“At the time, I just knew I had to be near it all. I had no idea where that would take me. Gut feelings are powerful. And always right. Always. Trust them.”

It was then she started training her eye to recognize good design, a skill she’s only sharpened since. College found Christine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, making. While sewing clothing for an independent designer and boutique owner who also consigned the goods of other nearby makers, Christine learned the importance of supporting community—of buying local before it was the thing to do. She also learned the simple satisfaction of creating something and selling it. This DIY mindset shaped her ability to creatively problem solve and her respect for the perseverance required by the creative process.

Christine’s talent for recognizing what will endure and what will fade has served her well as a designer, curator and shop owner. And now, lucky for us, Christine joined Makeready to develop the timeless looks donned by our hotel staff and their surrounding environments.

Research, trust in her intuition, open-mindedness and more research. Christine’s creative tools of choice bring her a visionary focus, helping her navigate design direction, retail curation and relationship building. Always a maker at heart, she also oversees the manufacturing process of our uniforms, holding function as high as form.

“It’s important that something’s pleasing to the eye. But if it doesn’t also function in a pleasing way, it’s not well-designed.”

When not helping us look better than we ever could without her, she can be found cooking or road-tripping around Texas with her family. Christine revels in seeing her two daughters emulate her own creativity. Who knows, she may lead them to their own Greenwich Village along the way. As for Makeready, we can’t wait to see what Christine envisions next—and where it takes us.