Liz Katz

Liz knows people. Her curiosity and patience have guided a lifelong study of their strengths, shortcomings and spirit. Part detective, part explorer, she understands the importance of experiencing other cultures and doing things differently. And she knows full well the value of hard work—that it’s a means, not an end, for defining what we love to do.

Having once worked her way up through the service industry, from busser and hostess to management, Liz learned firsthand that making someone’s day can be as easy as a smile. That every job has its share of good and bad—and that we can (and should) take pride in doing every bit of both. She always has. And she looks for others who do the same.

Along with the stellar support Liz brings to our team, she’s a whiz with details. Keeping us, our staff and everyone in between in line is no easy task. Liz always finds a way, be it with words or through a new process, to make sure all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed.

“I find it fascinating that we can all take bits and pieces of what we learn and create our own new way of doing something.”

Today when Liz walks into a restaurant, it’s because she wants to try something new. Something different. Liz craves variety. At home, you may find her testing a new recipe or experimenting with a DIY project. Her ultimate escape is time spent outdoors running, hiking, bike riding or lounging by the pool. And if the weather isn’t cooperating, she’ll happily get lost in a good movie.
Frankly, she deserves it. Hard work—and always following her heart—are what brought Liz to Makeready. And we couldn’t be more grateful that she’s here to help us find our people.