Noelle is more than a building or a bar or a restaurant or a luxurious hotel room. It is more than a meal or a cup of coffee or a wedding reception. It is more than an experience. It is a place in which we seek to create opportunities for people to immerse themselves in the surrounding culture, warmth, and creativity of the people of Nashville. We believe that learning to understand one another, experiencing what others have to offer, and being inspired by the unique culture of a place and its people, makes us all better humans.



Through the collaboration of Nashville’s creative class of makers, curators, and artists alike, Noelle will leverage the collective creativity and culture to establish itself as the fresh, current, important destination in Nashville. The location and building itself are the platform for a brand that will simultaneously pay homage to the city’s history, and push its narrative forward. 

(1937) Night, 4th toward Church.jpg